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Beautiful "left over" pasta from Puglia Italy made with wheat blends sourced from altamura and Tavoliere.  All are traditionally hand cut.  Fragrant, flavorful and exceptional sauce holding.

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Pesto Rosso from Piedmont Italy

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Boost your immune system and start living a healthier life today. A high powered superfood, Grapeseed Powder is made from the seeds of grapes. Rich in antioxidants, high in calcium, potassium, flavonoids and resveratrol.

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Hear from Dario himself what inspired the creation of his magnificent castle!  Our 30 minute DVD will vividly illustrate to you the Castello, our winemaking philosophy and the fun that we have here.

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Set contains one each of "Truffle & Salt", "Fennel & Salt", "Saffron & Salt", "Fiori & Salt", "Porcini & Salt", and new "Herb & Salt" . Imported by Ritrovo Italian Regional Foods.

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