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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wines

Q: At what temperature should I store my wines?

A: Most white wines should be stored between 47-50° F (8-10°C), while most red wines should be stored between 60-65°F (15-18°C). For more information about storing specific Castello wines, see our Ageability and Cellaring Chart:

Cellaring Chart Cellaring Chart


Q: How should I store my wine?

A: You should store all wines in a cool location out of direct sunlight. If the wine has a cork closure, be sure to store the bottle on its side, or upside down, to prevent the cork from drying out and cracking. Wines with screw caps (especially La Fantasia) should be stored upright.

Q: How long will my wine be drinkable after it’s been opened?

A: Most red wines will be drinkable roughly 2-3 days from the date it was opened, while most white wines can be drinkable possibly up to four days, especially when using a wine preserver. It is important to keep your wine sealed with a cork or stopper whenever you are not pouring a glass, to prevent more oxygen from getting into the bottle (oxygen makes your wine age faster). Keeping your wine in the refrigerator after opening also helps to slow the aging process.

Q: How long can I keep La Fantasia after it’s been opened?

A: You should consume your La Fantasia the day it is opened, as this slightly sparkling wine tends to lose its “fizz” once the bottle has been opened.

Q: How do you open a waxed bottle?

A: Red or gold wax is nothing to fear! To open your waxed Reserve wine bottle, simply insert the corkscrew directly into the cork as you would to open a regular wine bottle. Pull the cork halfway out of the bottle, cracking the wax seal. Dust any wax chips off of the lip of the bottle, and then continue to pull the cork completely out of the bottle. If you need a visual demonstration, be sure to check out our video!

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Q: Are your wines Vegan?

A: It is very hard for any winery to say if a particular wine is vegan as there may only be one barrel in a lot that can contain a few to hundreds of barrels depending on the size of a winery’s production, that is treated with something that is an animal product or derivative. There may also be none treated, making that lot vegan. Unless a winery directly advertises that they are vegan, you cannot assume that any wine fully is vegan as it can be difficult for a winemaker to go back through their records of each wine from each year to see if even a single barrel had been treated, which would make a wine non-vegan by most standards.

Q: Can I find your wines outside of the Castello?

A: We are a Direct to Consumer winery only and do not distribute our wines at all in the United States. Customers are able to purchase wines from us by visiting us in person, or ordering via our website or by phone.

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