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Estate logo candle with engraved maple lid, soy and parafin for a clean burn set in reusable glass. Frangrances: Orange Blossom, Red Saffron & Ginger, Rainy Day, Oakmoss & Sandalwood, and  Jasmine & Honeysuckle.

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SKU: 1144

The candles you wish you would have bought more!

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/ 3 Candles
SKU: wk1224

Protect your tables and counters stylishly with our marble coasters.

Choose from black and white or color images of the Castello. 

See product details page for options.

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SKU: 5001

Made from naturally sustained United States olive trees. Alll coasters are individual and organic in shape, no 2 coasters alike.

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SKU: 8891
*New Product*

Spectacular Castle imagery times 5!

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SKU: WK30003

A set of custom made Castello di Amorosa magnets. Featuring both our logo and a photo of the Castello.

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SKU: WK5002

Celebrate the season with a festive wine bottle ornament! Choose from La Fantasia or Il Barone miniature wine bottles. 

See product detail page for options.

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SKU: 5221

A trio of miniature wine bottle magnets, featuring our La Fantasia, Il Barone, and Pinot Grigio.

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One of our best selling products at the castle- Napa Valley Soap. The six best selling fragrances in a discounted bundle! No more choosing. We know your hands are dry from so much washing. Moistureize with the grapeseed and olive oil based soaps that caught your attention while you were here.

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/ 6 soaps
SKU: 1912

Serve brunch or hors d'oeuvres in wine country style with our classic and durable wooden tray embellished with the Castello di Amorosa logo. Routed handles allow for easy carrying.

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SKU: 0581