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Shop Napa Valley fine foods and wine products from Castello di Amorosa. Mix and match gift shop items, including handcrafted chocolates, artisan pastas, and more fine food products available exclusively online or directly from our castle winery in Napa Valley.

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Just released! Straight off the presses! An Italian culinary tradition that is hundreds of years old. Olio Nuovo (which means, new oil) differs from your typical Olive Oil.

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/ 375mL bottle
SKU: 7094
*Bottled 12/20/23*

Tempt your taste buds with the “King’s Ransom” of chocolates, a jewel box containing 12 assorted pieces of our artisan chocolates. Your heart is in the right place when you purchase this for friends and family, but we won't hold it against you if you keep it!

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SKU: 3265

Can't decide which Castello chocolate bar is your favorite? Why not get all five! Enjoy our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Belgian Milk Chocolate, La Fantasia Raspberry Chocolate and Hazelnut Almond Milk Chocolate bars in this enticing 4-pack.

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/ 4 Bar Pack
SKU: 1355

Satisfy your heart's desire with this lovely box of 6 chocolate heart truffles from Castello di Amorosa. Each hand-crafted milk chocolate piece is filled with a smooth and silky raspberry ganache. Delicious on their own or when paired with our La Fantasia soft-sparkling rosé.

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/ 6 Piece Box
SKU: 4789

Each bar is 64% dark chocolate blended with pure sea salt. The sea salt intensifies the bright acidic notes of the chocolate while highlighting its earthiness with a crunchy texture for a pairing that is simply divine. Produced by local Napa Valley chocolatier, Le Belge, exclusively for the Castello.

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SKU: 6975SET

Artisanally made by local gourmet chocolatier, Le Belge, exclusively for the Castello.  The chocolate exhibits everything you want in a silky, melty milk chocolate. Pair this with a soft red wine like our Merlot or La Castellana for a chocolate paring delight!

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SKU: 6974SET

Revel in the smooth & rich flavors of our locally made hazlenut-almond chocolate bars. A delicious nutty, toasted and earthy experience sure to wow your palate. Produced by local Napa Valley chocolatier, Le Belge, exclusively for the Castello.

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SKU: 6973SET

Indulge in your wildest chocolate fantasies with our La Fantasia Raspberry Dark Chocolate bar. Artisanally made by a local chocolatier, this dark chocolate bar contains a delicate raspberry ganache inside; the perfect accompaniment for our La Fantasia soft-sparkling rosé wine.

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SKU: 6983SET

A trio of decadent ganache filled milk, dark, and raspberry chocolates to pamper the chocolate lover in you! 

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SKU: 6991

A lively, tart, and light balsamic vinegar with just a hint of sweetness from Castello di Amorosa winery in Napa Valley, California.

*Limited To 3 Per Customer*


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