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Our Signature collection of candles are housed in recycled wine bottles. Each recycled wine bottle is hand-cut and sanded down, then filled with a blend of artisan fragrances.

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SKU: 0569
*New Addition*

This custom made Castello candle is adorned with a medieval chapel print.

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SKU: 3588
*New Addition*

Take your Christmas tree to the next level with our stunning Castle of Love ornament.

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SKU: 6138
*New Product*

Celebrate the season with a festive wine bottle ornament! Choose from La Fantasia or Il Barone miniature wine bottles. 

See product detail page for options.

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SKU: 5221

If you’re looking for an indestructible corkscrew worthy of your trust, you’ve found it. With a two-step spring-loaded lever, robust worm and serrated foil cutter, this sturdy opener thrives on hard work.

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SKU: 0080

Protect your tables and counters stylishly with our marble coasters.

Choose from black and white or color images of the Castello. 

See product details page for options.

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SKU: 5001

A trio of decadent ganache filled milk, dark, and raspberry chocolates to pamper the chocolate lover in you! 

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SKU: 6991

Tempt your taste buds with the “King’s Ransom” of chocolates, a jewel box containing 12 assorted pieces of our artisan chocolates. Your heart is in the right place when you purchase this for friends and family, but we won't hold it against you if you keep it!

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SKU: 3265

Can't decide which Castello chocolate bar is your favorite? Why not get all five! Enjoy our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Belgian Milk Chocolate, La Fantasia Raspberry Chocolate and Hazelnut Almond Milk Chocolate bars in this enticing 4-pack.

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/ 4 Bar Pack
SKU: 1355

Just released! Straight off the presses! An Italian culinary tradition that is hundreds of years old. Olio Nuovo (which means, new oil) differs from your typical Olive Oil.

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/ 375mL bottle
SKU: 7094
*Bottled 12/20/23*